Fuck yeah, Julia!

A blog dedicated to the fabulous and talented Julia Mattison. Catch her making her Broadway debut in Godspell.

coreymach: godspell reunion. love these fucks so much

coreymachgodspell reunion. love these fucks so much

ericmkrop: A lil Godspell reunion :-) #theblondes

ericmkropA lil Godspell reunion :-) #theblondes


Living Dead | Rated RSO (1.21.13 7pm)

Julia Mattison featuring some of the College students


Why Must We Tell Them Why | Rated RSO (1.21.13 7pm) 

Alex Brightman, Ben Crawford, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Julia Mattison, & Natalie Charle Ellis 

“Basket Case” - Jason Gotay, Julia Mattison, George Salazar
Sara Bareilles, Green Day cover
Some Kind of Wonderful | Le Poisson Rouge | January 7, 2013

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He has a book of who’s naughty or nice,

A book of children. That can’t be right, no.

If you’ve been naughty this is what I’m told.

He makes you hold his lump of coal.

Santa Claus is the ultimate creeper!